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Fine Art originals

'Magnolia Spring'

'Magnolia Spring' Sold

'Peony' original wwatercolour




'Let us Pray'

'Let us Pray' Sold


'Piwakawaka' Sold


'Partners' Sold

Heres a little fat quail all contented w
Another little honey bee winging a way t
Stumped! Our colourful NZ Kingfisher. We

"Quail' Sold

'Bee Mine' sold

'Stumped' NZ Kingfisher Sold

Tui #watercolours #artistsoninstagram #j

NZ Tui Sold

'Dinner for two' We love our little nati

Dinner for Two Sold

'Threes company'#artistsoninstagram #wat

Threes Company Sold

Copy of JPEG_JHC_EMAIL 115.jpg
Nz bellbird on supplejack vine. They lov


NZ Bellbird

Looking forward to spring. #artistsonins

New Journeys

Copy of JPEG_JHC_EMAIL 107_edited.jpg

NZ Silvereye

NZ Grey Warbler


Dube Sold


'Velvet' Sold

Magnolia with Bee

'Coming in for Dinner'

NZ Bellbird Watercolour Framed 580x480.j

Korimako - New Zealand Bellbird



Friesian cow watercolour painting

'Holy Cow'

Hares To You

'Hares To You'

Born Free, Zebra watercolour original

'Born Free'

Born Free, Zebra watercolour original
Bunny, rabbit, Watercolour painting

'Bright Eyes'

'I Bloom For You' Peony flower

Blooming for you

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