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Let It Bee is a special greeting card that celebrates the hard-working nature of bumblebees. Featuring an adorable illustration of a bumblebee, this card is perfect for sending to friends and loved ones to remind them of the power of hard work. With its cheerful design and uplifting message, Let It Bee puts a smile on anyone's face

Did you know Bumblebees carry up to 90% of their body weight in food and the level of activity required to fly is so great they are only ever 40 minutes away from starvation. They can reach ground speeds up to 54 kms per hour.Bumblebees perform buzz pollination, also known as sonication, which involves applying vibration to shake pollen free from the tubes in which its held.

Let It Bee - Mini card

SKU: SGC0125
  • Mini card 88 mm x 65 mm folded size on 300 gsm card stock. Comes with a matching envelope.

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