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The Quokka Happy greeting card is a perfect way to spread cheer and joy! Featuring an adorable quokka, this card will bring a smile to anyone's face. Show your friends and family how much you care by sending them this unique card from Australia, featuring a tiny native marsupial found only on a few islands. The Quokka Happy greeting card is sure to be a hit

 The happiness of the Quokka is defined by 3 distinctive characteristics: they are curious and adventurous, friendly (known to take impeccable selfies with humans), and above all, they are fearless (since they evolved without a natural predator, they do not fear humans or other animals).

Quokka Happy- Mini card

SKU: SGC0194
  • Mini card 88 mm x 65 mm folded size on 300 gsm card stock. Comes with a matching envelope.

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